Barbara Safani 6 Comments

apples.JPGFrom time to time I add testimonials or a quote from a letter of recommendation to a client’s resume or cover letter to add some extra “wow” to their presentation and underscore how well respected they are in their field. Recently, two of my clients questioned this practice because they were unsure how the testimonials would be perceived by the reader. I think that sometimes job seekers get caught up in what they think are the rules of resume writing when in fact there are very few rules when it comes to resumes and standing out in a sea of ordinary is often what lands you the interview. One of the reasons that LinkedIn has become so popular is that it allows you to get a 360 degree view of the person you are reviewing. The content is not just from the perspective of the owner of that profile. Through endorsements, people can elevate their professional brand and show their audience that others validate their value-add and core strengths. If endorsements work for the 25M+ users on LinkedIn, why would one doubt their effectiveness on resumes? Break out of the mold of what you think your resume should be…and what probably looks like everyone else’s resume and add authentic content that differentiates you.