Stop Trying to Define a Salary Range for Moms

momsOver the years a few annual surveys have come out about working and stay-at-home mothers right around Mother’s Day. has the How Much Are Mom’s Worth? salary wizard which calculates how much someone would be paid for all of the jobs moms do (teacher, cook, chauffeur, etc) and reminds moms that all the work they do is worth a six-figure salary even though they never actually see a dime. And the CareerBuilder’s Working Mothers Survey published a few years back reported that close to a quarter of working moms take work home and reminds moms that they are not alone in feeling guilty about not spending more time with their kids. So I never head into Mother’s Day weekend with a warm and fuzzy feeling; instead I grumble as I wash dishes that should be at least a $10 an hour job and wallow in my feelings of being underpaid and overworked.


Stress and Sedentary Behavior Leads to Weight Gain at Work

weight gainAccording to a recent CareerBuilder survey, the stresses associated with full-time employment may be a contributing factor to weight gain among US employees. Of the 3,000 people surveyed, 57 percent of workers feel they are overweight. The survey also revealed:


Famous and Infamous Office Romances


According to a 2015 CareerBuilder Office Romance Survey, 37 percent of workers surveyed reported they have dated someone they have worked with and 24 percent of office romances involved a superior. Nearly 1 in 5 workers who have had an office romance (19 percent) have had an affair with a co-worker where one person involved was married at the time.


Brian Williams and Others Who Damage Their Careers by Lying


NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams has been suspended without pay following news that he misrepresented his account of an Iraq War mission in 2003. Unfortunately, Williams is not alone; many have misrepresented themselves on the job and some have escaped the career consequences better than others.


Job Search Tips for Employees of RadioShack and Others Facing a Layoff

closed 2According to recent reports, RadioShack is preparing to shut down in a bankruptcy deal that would sell almost half its stores to Sprint and close the rest. And a similar layoff scene is playing out in many other well-known companies across the nation. Yet many people wait until the other shoe drops before making any plans about future employment. .


Potential Workplace Bullying Leads to Tragedy

bullyRecently, New York City was the scene of two work-related suicides. In one instance, a Home Depot employee shot his boss and then killed himself and in the other, a former employee of Fox shot himself to death outside the company’s New York headquarters. In the first case, we know there was an argument between the supervisor and employee; in the second case, the employee had been seen shortly before his death handing out fliers saying the company had ended his career and suggesting on different social media channels that he was the victim of workplace bullying. Whether this was indeed the case in either incident, it’s clear that there is a strong perception that workplace bullying exists.


How to Use Facebook as a Job Search Tool

Many people use Facebook on a regular basis to stay in touch with friends and family, but few recognize the value Facebook can play in a job search. Most people find their jobs through people they know, and the affinities on Facebook are perhaps the strongest of any social networking platform. While we might connect with someone on LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter that we don’t know very well (or at all), we are much less likely to do so on Facebook. The quality of the connections on Facebook lends itself to fertile ground for immediate and meaningful networking. Here are tips for getting the most out of the Facebook platform.


Job Posting Translation Guide

GreekI’ve viewed thousands of job postings, followed thousands of clients through the interview process and listened to what hiring managers tell recruiters they really want in a candidate. Unfortunately, many of the job postings I see are far from transparent and use vague euphemisms to describe what the hiring manager wants or what the work environment is like. Here’s my interpretation of the message behind the “qualifications” I often see listed on job postings.


How to Follow Up After an Interview

You felt the interview went well. The hiring manager gave you the impression the company wants to fill the position quickly. But you’re still waiting for a response and you are starting to get quite anxious.

How long should you wait before following up on an interview, and when you do follow up, what should you say?  How can you follow up strategically and intelligently? Here are a few suggestions.


What Jobs Will Exist in the Future?

2030What will jobs and employment look like in 2020, 2030 and beyond? What are the mega-trends shaping tomorrow’s careers and what new opportunities can we and our children look forward to?

Although vitally important to position yourself for a great job today, it’s just as important to consider tomorrow and all that it will have to offer. I
spoke to Wendy Enelow, Founder of the Career Thought Leaders Consortium, a global career industry think tank for some insights. Here’s just a sampling of both current emerging professions and those which may exist in the not-to-distant future.