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promiscuous-linking.JPGCheck out these wise words of networking wisdom from Gen Y blogger and entrepreneur Jun Loayza over on the Brazen Careerist blog. Jun reminds us that a bigger online network doesn’t mean a better network. Avoid “promiscuous linking” and connect to people you know well or want to get to know better. It’s hard to be credible when you claim to know several thousand people well.


  1. Hey thanks for mentioning my post on your site! I see people doing all these link exchanges or friend exchanges just to build up a network, but they don’t ever establish a relationship. I think a connection without a relationship is pretty much useless.

    You have some great tips on your site! We’re trying to do the same thing in video form at Future Delivery TV.

    Look forward to reading some great stuff from you.

    Jun Loayza

  2. Jun,

    Thanks for commenting and turning me on to Future Delivery TV. I’m watching your episode on Tweet for Your Career now…great, straight-up advice…thanks for sharing!

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