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Recruiters and hiring managers generally spend just a few seconds on an initial scan of a resume. The vetting process is very similar to what most of us do when we visit a website looking for a product or service. We don’t read the entire website; we scan it quickly and if we don’t find what we need within the first few seconds, we usually move on to the next site. On websites, images and graphs that quickly explain the product or service tend to capture our attention and help us make a purchasing decision. The same is true of resumes. By displaying key information in more visual ways, you can make the resume an easier and more engaging read while increasing the likelihood that your reader will figure out your value add faster and more accurately. Here are some recommendations for ways to add design elements that improve your messaging to your resume.


Numbers Chart. Demonstrate how you’ve moved the needle on certain critical metrics by using a chart detailing a change you helped make in the organization.



Pie Chart. Demonstrate how you grew a certain metric year-over-year or captured market share from a competitor.

Pie 2


Call Out Box. Create a box for information you want to have stand out such as an overview of your skills or a great client testimonial.

Call out box



Graphics. Add graphics to call special attention to key industries or business environments your are known for.

competency 2


Images. Use images that represent your professional identity to create a more lasting impression with your reader.



Infographics. Add infographics to show specific skills and competencies.



Bar Graph. Add a bar graph to show visually how you have improved a key performance metric over time.

Bar graph


Social Icons. Use social media icons and QR codes with links to share more information about you in a limited amount of space.

social icons

Progressive Chart. Add a multi-year chart that shows how you consistently improved a metric over time.

progressive chart


Logo. Add a branded logo to your name to better connect your name with your professional identity.



Text With Image. Show an image that complements data you are showing on the resume.




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