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Resume Samples (pdf):
- Chief Technology Officer
- Operations Executive
- Consumer Packaged Goods Executive
- Human Resources Executive
- CFO Finance Director
- Advertising Executive
- Healthcare Executive
- Sales Executive
- Technology Executive


“I just accepted a great offer. It was exactly the kind of job I was dreaming of. Thank you so much for your help in this process. Thanks to the resume you wrote, I got the oportunity to get an interview and a good salary. Thank you so much! ”
Ann A., Graphic Designer

“You have done a great job of bringing out my assets and putting it on paper elegantly. ”
Hagop B., Analyst

“I've already had two interviews and both interviewers complimented me on my resume.”
Joe D., Controller

“I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for all of your help.  I've put the resume into circulation and in less than two days I've already fielded five calls from retained recruiters.”
Jon W., Consultant




15 Items for Your Resume "To Do" List

Learn how to compose a more compelling and targeted resume.

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15 Items for Your Resume To Do List
Hiring managers and recruiters only spend a few seconds on the initial screening of a resume. When job seekers write their own resumes they tend to undersell themselves. Often their documents are void of the most important resume writing strategies and they fail to get noticed. At Career Solvers we develop resumes that consistently lead to interviews. We couple persuasive, achievement-oriented content with distinctive design formats to create a marketing tool that separates you from your competition.

When you partner with a professional resume writer you team with an expert who:

  • Effectively showcases your ability to add value to an organization and quickly deliver results
  • Conveys confidence in your talents and abilities
  • Creates a winning visual presentation that complements your professional identity
  • Positions you as an expert in your field
  • Speaks to your target group and elevates your earning potential
  • Utilizes current industry keywords and phrases

Prices vary based on the complexity of the project and your years of experience.

Senior Professionals: custom pricing starting at $1,000
Executives: custom pricing starting at $1,300
Senior Executives: custom pricing starting at $1,800

*Request a proposal: we will send you a customized quote for your project along with our free Ultimate Guide to Resume Writing e-book which details over a dozen strategies for writing a more powerful resume.
Send us your resume and get a price quote!
Make sure you attach your current resume in Word (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format to the form. We can also create resumes from scratch.


Resume Addenda
Candidates at the manager level and above can benefit from the resume addendum. The document complements the resume and helps further differentiate you from the competition by offering a more detailed picture of your specializations and accomplishments. The document serves the following purposes:

  • Focuses on specific projects and chronicles how business challenges were overcome and solutions were implemented
  • Highlights critical skills and key accomplishments in more detail than the resume
  • Can be used as an effective “leave behind” tool to maintain a connection with the interviewer after the meeting
  • Provides an opportunity for additional discussion points before a first or subsequent interview

Contact us directly to discuss how this strategy can work for you.


Curriculum Vitae
This is the preferred resume for members of the medical, scientific, and academic communities.
Request a proposal.


ASCII Resumes
An ASCII resume is a plain text presentation of your document. It does not include graphics, rule lines, bullets, etc., but it's essential for sharing files between various computer platforms and applications. The benefits of the ASCII document are:

  • The document can be read by any computer system
  • The reader views your document immediately and does not have to worry about a possible virus from your attachment
  • ASCII documents can easily be placed in an employer's database

Contact us for more information.


Executive Bios
The executive bio is an important component of a successful marketing campaign for senior level executives, project managers, and published authors. Career Solvers can create bios that reach your audience in a unique and succinct way.
Contact us directly to discuss how this strategy can work for you.


Reference Lists
Your list of references should be presented as professionally and effectively as your resume and cover letter. Career Solvers can prepare a document that is consistent with these other personal marketing tools.
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