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6th December 2019

1 Rockefeller Plaza, 10 fl.

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Increase your chances for interview
selection with a professionally written
executive resume.

Resumes and Self-Marketing Collateral

Shave months off your search time
with a strategic job search campaign
specifically for professionals and executives.

Job Search Strategy
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Influence hiring decisions by creating
a memorable executive interview

Interview Preparation

What We Offer

Career Solvers specializes in managing job search campaigns for six- and seven-figure professionals and executives who know where they want to go, but need assistance uncovering the most efficient path.

Resumes & Self-Marketing Collateral

Frequently, your resume is your first chance to make an impression on a recruiter or hiring manager. Complementary marketing materials such as your cover letter, bio, and thank you letters can also solidify your positioning and messaging. Career Solvers can create the right voice, tone, and document design strategy that will resonate with decision makers and get them to take action.

Search Campaigns

Once you have a great resume, you need to be able to execute on an effective search campaign to get that resume into the right hands. Career Solvers can help you implement a strategic and systematic plan for sourcing recruiters and decision makers aligned with your industry and area of expertise.

Career Strategy Coaching

Most job search candidates land their jobs through people they know. Career Solvers can teach you how to expand your network and leverage relationships to source decision makers. We can also help you crystallize your career vision, prepare for interviews, and learn effective strategies for negotiating the most favorable employment package.


Career Solvers offers a refreshing, virtual approach to outplacement services and flexible, cost-effective packages that focus on tangible deliverables and results.

About Us

Career Solvers specializes in managing job search campaigns for six and seven-figure professionals and executives who know where they want to go, but need assistance uncovering the most efficient path. Our career management programs help clients gain clarity around their professional identity and personal brand. We create targeted, compelling resumes, cover letters, and bios and supplement these marketing collateral with coaching programs that accelerate your job search, get your resume in front of the right people, improve your interviewing and salary negotiation skills, and promote your professional image online and offline. It is our mission to empower you with solutions that enable you to successfully navigate your career course.

How it Works

Request a Proposal

We will review your current resume and send you a price quote for services along with our Ultimate Guide to Resume Writing e-book.
Send us your resume and get a price quote!
Make sure you attach your current resume in Word (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format to the form. We can also create resumes from scratch.

Price Quote

After assessing your project, we will e-mail you a price quote for the project with a direct link to our secure order page. You can initiate a purchase using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Paypal. Payment in full is requested before the start of the project

Private Consultation

We review your background through a focusing exercise and one-hour meeting or phone consultation. During this time we compile all the necessary information for writing your resume.

Resume Development

A resume strategy is created and your document is written and designed within two weeks of your initial consultation.

Revisions and Approvals

After the draft document is presented we partner to make any necessary changes. You can make any changes within two weeks of receiving your draft without incurring any additional charges.You will receive an electronic version of your final document in Word format within four business days after these changes are requested.

Coaching and Related Services

Contact us via online form, phone, or e-mail to discuss your career-related goals. We will collaborate with you to design a package that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire Career Solvers?

When you collaborate with Careers Solvers, you receive discreet, personalized service with an industry expert. Our flexible programs allow for virtual as well as in person appointments at our New York City location. We extrapolate all the information we need to design your unique resume through a pre-appointment focusing exercise and a one- hour consultation.

Barbara Safani, owner of Career Solvers, is personally involved in all career transition projects. She has over seventeen years of experience in career management, recruiting, and executive coaching across multiple industries. She has consulted extensively for leading financial services, healthcare, publishing, and retail organizations and she has managed hundreds of transition programs from the point of termination to the point of job offer. Ms. Safani holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the State University of New York at Albany. She is a credentialed resume writer, certified by the Professional Association of Resume Writers, the National Resume Writers’ Association, Career Directors International, and Career Thought Leaders Consortium.

What are my meeting options?

Career Solvers offers flexible appointment times including some evenings and weekends. Clients have the option to meet with their consultant in person or conduct their meeting over the phone.

When do I receive my resume?

You will receive your resume draft within two weeks of your initial consultation.

How much does it cost?

The price for your resume will be based on the complexity of the project and your years of experience. We offer a free, no obligation proposal request which includes a price quote by e-mail. Prices typically start at $1,000.

Request a proposal.

How do I pay for my resume?

You can pay directly online using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or PayPal. We request payment before the beginning of the project.

Books by Barbara Safani

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